About Us

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We've been offer Conjured Spirits/entities and spell cast pieces since 2009.

With the changing times, we decided that we need to change, as well. So each piece that has been bound. We are going to try and find their personal story and share that with them. This way there is a possibility that someone will find that deeper connection with the spirit that we have bound. So that we can find them their permanent home.

We are witches born and bred of Native American and European decent. We come from several generations of witches. Our traditions and training are passed from family member to family member. My aunts Taught me our sacred traditions, as I have taught my 4 daughters and granddaughters. We are Fully trained Spellcasters and conjurers.
We Never bind any spirit against their will, as we want a mutually beneficial relationship for spirit/entity and keeper alike. We also have several Spirit Guides that aid us in finding your perfect spirit companion. My trusty Marid djinn is always available to help protect me and your Spirit/entity during the conjuring process.
We most usually allow the spirit/entity to choose the vessel they would like to have. We find that spirits and entities like what has a natural energy flow. Natural stones are best. There have been more occasions than not that a spirit/entity will insist on a certain vessel that they have a preference for. We always go with what the spirit/entity prefers.
Have faith that you are receiving a genuine Spirit or entity bound by real witches.

Many Blessings and Happy Keeping,
Jules Moon



Video on how we make out dressed and loaded candles https://youtu.be/pmnThL1EcjU?si=pzYwQITQ0ve30P2K