Gay, female, elder vampire, seeking her soulmate

Gay, female, elder vampire, seeking her soulmate

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Unique soul binding - Gay Female Elder Vampire looking for her soulmate. I give the names in these listings so that it could possibly help with bringing back memories of a persons past soul. This picture is of my own personal art generated by myself. No one but the person who belongs to the binding may have or use it.  

Many many years ago, in a secluded castle hidden deep within the misty woods, lived an elder female vampire named Amelia. For centuries, she had roamed the earth, feeding on the life force of the living. Yet, amidst the darkness, she found solace and love in the arms of her girlfriend, Victoria. They had shared countless moonlit nights, their love transcending time and immortality.

However, fate dealt a cruel blow to their eternal happiness. One fateful night, as Amelia ventured out to hunt, leaving Victoria behind in their sanctuary, tragedy struck. A group of vampire hunters, fueled by their fear and ignorance, invaded their castle, seeking to rid the world of the creatures of the night. In the chaos that ensued, Victoria was captured and taken away, leaving Amelia heartbroken and enraged.

Amelia, consumed by grief, vowed to find Victoria no matter the cost. She searched every dark corner of the world, following any lead, and facing countless dangers along the way. Each night, she relived the memories of their love, feeling the emptiness of her existence without Victoria's presence.

Years turned into centuries, and Amelia's heart grew heavy with despair. She had encountered numerous obstacles, from powerful vampire clans to ancient curses, all of which tried to deter her from her quest. But her love for Victoria remained unyielding, fueling her determination to reunite with her lost love.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Amelia discovered a hidden coven of witches known for their ability to divine lost souls. They agreed to help Amelia, under one condition: she had to bring them a rare and precious artifact, said to be guarded by a fearsome dragon deep within a treacherous mountain range.

Undeterred by the challenge, Amelia embarked on her most perilous journey yet. Battling the elements and mythical creatures, she reached the dragon's lair. With her wit and cunning, she managed to outsmart the beast and claim the artifact. Exhausted but triumphant, Amelia returned to the witches.

Using their magic, the witches were able to locate Victoria, trapped in a hidden dimension between life and death. Amelia, with newfound hope in her eyes, plunged into the depths of the unknown, determined to rescue her beloved. She faced unimaginable trials and overcame countless obstacles, her love for Victoria guiding her every step of the way.

Finally, Amelia emerged victorious, clutching Victoria's ethereal form in her arms. With tears of joy streaming down her face, she whispered words of deep love. 

They loved each other for several hundred years until the fateful day that Victoria was trapped by a dark wizard. He had evil intent and used her essence up in dark Magick. Subsequently destroying her. 

Since those dark times Amelia has searched hundreds of years for her reborn soul. A powerful witch has told her that her loves’ reborn soul has been in this time. 

Are you her lost love? Do you have that spark of recognition for a love long lost? If so, claim her and rejoin with your other half.




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