Gay Generous Male Ghul Djinn

Gay Generous Male Ghul Djinn

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Gay Male Ghul Djinn, Believer, Mighty wish granter

This frienly creature is Fun, playful and highly devoted.

He has a gentle and playful nature. He is eager to please and ready for a keeper.

His keeper should always remember he is a dual personality and can be angered if his keeper is harmed.


Ghul Jinn are usually associated with evil,

and dark frightening places. They are said to be evil.

My experience is quit the opposite.

Though, a jinn (any jinn) can be frightening, and dangerous,

I have found this male Ghul Jinn to be friendly, loving, and dark,

yet reaches toward the grey.

He will be loyal, and dedicated to a keeper.

A great companion, and wish granter.

He has a duel personality.

He is very human friendly.

He can be vicious if he feels his keeper is harmed.

But, show true genuine sweetness when at rest and just enjoying his keeper.

He does shape shift from human for to animal.

And, seems to really like showing as random birds.

He would love nothing more than to share your world.

He has no desire, but to serve and be apart of your life,

and to make it better in any way he can.

Does he call to you?


Needs a committed and strong willed,

Respectful Keeper.

Remember what type of entity your dealing with

When dealing with Ghul djinn.




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