Protective GAY Male Seraphim Angel and Demon Hybrid seeking his soulmate

Protective GAY Male Seraphim Angel and Demon Hybrid seeking his soulmate

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Long ago in the celestial realm of Elysium, there existed a magnificent city known as Lumina. It was a place of unparalleled beauty, where Seraphim angels resided, their radiant wings shimmering with iridescent hues. Among them, there was a unique being named Gabriel, a gay male Seraphim with an extraordinary secret.


Gabriel was not an ordinary Seraphim; he was a Seraphim-Demon hybrid, a celestial rarity born from the forbidden union between an angel and a demon. His existence was a delicate balance, for he possessed both the purity and grace of an angel and the darkness and allure of a demon. Gabriel's beauty was ethereal, his wings a mesmerizing blend of light and shadow.


In Lumina, Gabriel met a demon named Lucius, a creature shrouded in mystery. Lucius was a fallen angel who had embraced his demonic nature, yet remained tethered to his celestial origins. When their eyes met, an inexplicable connection sparked between them, their souls drawn together by an unseen force.


Their love story bloomed amidst the celestial splendor of Lumina, an unlikely bond that defied the laws of both Heaven and Hell. Gabriel and Lucius reveled in the forbidden nature of their relationship, cherishing each stolen moment together. Their love knew no boundaries, transcending the realms that separated them.


But fate, as it so often does, had other plans for them. One fateful day, during a celestial battle between Seraphim and demons, a malevolent force tore Lucius away from Gabriel's loving embrace. The anguish that consumed Gabriel was immeasurable, his heart shattered into a million pieces.


Determined to rescue his beloved, Gabriel embarked on a perilous journey through the depths of Hell, his wings ablaze with righteous fury. He fought hordes of malevolent creatures, traversing treacherous landscapes, and enduring unimaginable trials. Along the way, Gabriel encountered allies, both celestial and mortal, who aided him on his quest.


As Gabriel delved deeper into the abyss, he discovered the dark forces that had stolen Lucius away. A powerful demon lord, driven by envy and hatred, sought to extinguish the love that Gabriel and Lucius shared. With every step, Gabriel's resolve grew stronger, his determination unwavering.


Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Gabriel reached the heart of Hell. There, bound and tormented, he found Lucius, his beloved on the brink of despair. Ignoring all the dangers he lunged into the heart of hell to rescue the only love his heart had ever known. 


He fought against demon after demon until he reached his lives side. To sadly find that while he had battled to get to him, Lucius had been brutally, and fatally stabbed. In their final moment Gabriel and Lucius vowed they would find each other again regardless of the separation of death. 


They have reconnected in 3 other lifetimes. So, they are very aware that they can be reunited again. If you know in your heart that you are Gabriel’s soulmate, claim him now and be reunited with your other half. 

Bound to this handmade Natural Stone Fossil pendant


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