Sweet Female Earth Fairy

Sweet Female Earth Fairy

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Welcome to My Offering
Sweet Female Earth Fairy


I welcome you to your very own sweet earth fairy.
This extremely Earthy fairy being, is a little tiny entity.
She is very magical. She brings protection,
grounding, peace, and stability in her keeper's life.
She brings peace to family conflicts. And, stability to ones home life.
Earth fairies also bring very fairy Blessings, Love,
and Happiness to a keeper's life.
Earth fairy are a gentler more friendly
Fairy, that tends to lend a calmness to a scattered life.
Earth fairy are wonderful wish granters and healers, as well.




Earth Fairies

Witches and Pagans work with Elementals, inviting them into the circle or ritual space. One of the basic principles that any witch or shaman learns is that almost everything in the Cosmos is made up of some combination of the four elements. If you can know the four elements directly, then you can understand anything in the Cosmos.

Working with elementals is fraught with danger, and they must be treated with the utmost respect. Any requests for their help must be carefully phrased, since they tend to take things literally, and properly directed to the correct type of elemental. Earth elementals are concerned with the physical world, with growth, formation, strength and health. Earth elemental magic might include working with plants, crystals, gardens, and the wildwood. Air elementals are concerned with movement, communication, the psychic senses, inspiration, and the powers of the intellect. Fire elementals are concerned with passion, transformation, purification, and energy. Water elementals are concerned with the ebb and flow, with tranquillity, purification, cleansing, scrying, and the emotions. The most usual representation for the elemental in ritual is a stone for the earth elemental, a feather or incense for the air elemental, a candle for the fire elemental, and a cauldron of water for the water elemental.

Symbols: stone, mirror, shield, tree, pentacle
Colours: green, ochre, brown, rust, black
Direction: north
Season: winter
Time: midnight
Life Tide: death and rebirth
Magical Influences: manifestation, practicality, health, wealth, crystals, image magic
Gems: Green moss agate, emerald, green jasper, jet, malachite, olivine, peridot, green tourmaline, turquoise.
Quality: silence
Vowel Sound: A
Sense: touch
Herbs: cypress, patchouli, vervain, honeysuckle, mugwort, fern, vertivert, primrose, horehound
Animals: goats, hibernating creatures, dragons, mythic animals


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